About Us

EXQUISITE HANGER (EH) was launched in January 2016 and has made strides to become one of South Africa's leading online retailers. EH is a retailer & importer of ladies and men’s located in Cape Town, South Africa.

EH specialises in ladies’ and men’s apparel from local designers and suppliers as well as international brands and labels. Our popular styles based on client purchase include: Elegant, Classic, Exquisite and Casual.

Our main target market has been those customers with limited or no access to fashion consultations. To expand the delivery of our core business, which is personalised shopping, we have leveraged on our online presence to increase our customer base by making our services more accessible for our valued customers. We have had to expand our product range to satisfy the high demand for our services.

What makes EH unique you ask? Well, our primary offering is private shopping experiences in the comfort of your own home or when you visit our premises by appointment, for that excellent, bespoke service. All delivered with a smile!

To experience shopping with that personal touch, kindly BOOK an appointment today.